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Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning services

A Benfield air conditioning service is a reliable and hygienic way of eliminating harmful bacteria and odours from your vehicle ventilation system. Option 2, outlined below, will ensure your air conditioning system is fresh, clean and healthy all summer long.

  • Option 1 from £25

    • Air Conditioning Antibacterial Treatment
    • Eradicates harmful bacteria from your air conditioning evaporator and leaves a pleasant fragrance inside your vehicle.
  • Option 2 from £90

    As per Option 1 plus:

    • Air Conditioning System Pressure Check
    • A visual check of all air conditioning system pipework, fittings and components for leaks, plus we'll check the air conditioning compressor operation and recharge air conditioning coolant.

A service advisor can advise on the option best suitable for your vehicle.

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What can go wrong?

People often turn off air conditioning systems in the winter, but this leaves condensation in the pipework. This, combined with heat from the engine, provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould spores. Besides the unpleasant smells, this can result in sore throats and allergic reactions. Also, in the winter months windows tend to mist up if the filter is blocked, as the warm air stream cannot circulate properly.

  • Did you know?

    Air conditioning can give you flu-like symptoms if not regularly maintained.

Pollen filters

A blocked pollen filter will further aggravate allergies and asthma. Other dangers include carbon particulates, exhaust emissions, industrial dust and fungal spores which can settle in the air passages of a vehicle over long periods of time.

A new pollen filter can ensure:

  • Optimum protection from dust, pollen and harmful exhaust emissions
  • Good quality filtered air
  • Windscreens don't mist up in autumn and winter

What can you do?

The important thing to remember is that while air conditioning systems are low maintenance, they're not maintenance free. Have the air conditioning system regularly serviced by trained technicians to maintain its effectiveness. You should also have the pollen filter checked to ensure that it is not blocked.

Why choose Benfield?

At Benfield our employees have a lot to live up to, but then they wouldn't be working for us if they didn't want to be the best. Our people take personal satisfaction not only in doing their job well, but also in working together to make Benfield even better.

All our work is carried out by trained technicians using state of the art equipment. We make it our business to know everything there is to know about the makes and models we sell and how to maintain them.

So you can expect real expertise, every time.