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Brake Fluid

Enjoy a free brake fluid check. Make sure your brake fluid is changed regularly.

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What does brake fluid do?

Pressing the brake pedal causes brake fluid to create hydraulic pressure. This pressure actuates the brake calliper, forcing the brake pads against the disc, which causes the vehicle to slow down.

What can go wrong?

Brake fluid is affected by conditions of use and the environment your car is kept in. The fluid is hygroscopic (meaning it absorbs water) and the extreme temperatures generated by braking can create vapour locks resulting in brake failure.

Don't let this happen to you.

What can you do?

Ensure your vehicle has a regular brake fluid change.

The majority of vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake fluid needs changing at least every 2 years.

Why choose Benfield?

At Benfield our employees have a lot to live up to, but then they wouldn't be working for us if they didn't want to be the best. Our people take personal satisfaction not only in doing their job well, but also in working together to make Benfield even better.

All our work is carried out by trained technicians using state of the art equipment. We make it our business to know everything there is to know about the makes and models we sell and how to maintain them.

So you can expect real expertise, every time.

Enjoy a FREE Brake Fluid Check

If you're in any doubt, your local Benfield branch can offer expert advice. We also offer a free Brake Fluid Check. All work is carried out by manufacturer-trained technicians and we will always dispose of waste products in an environmentally friendly manner.

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