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Enjoy staying on the road. Change your cambelt at the recommended intervals.

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  • Did you know?

    We replace 2000 cambelts each year, saving Benfield customers thousands of pounds.

A key component to keep an eye on

A cambelt is a rubber belt that keeps the top and bottom internal mechanical rotating parts (crankshaft to camshaft(s)) of the engine in synchronisation, while spinning at 6-8000rpm. Without this the engine will not function.

What can go wrong?

As the belt suffers from cracking and stretching through heat from the engine and weather conditions, the majority of manufacturers recommend that the belts are changed at 4 years or 80,000 miles.

If the cambelt breaks it can cause catastrophic damage to the engine, the valves and the pistons colliding, which can result in a replacement engine costing in excess of £3000. As well as the inconvenience and potential danger of your vehicle breaking down.

Why choose Benfield?

At Benfield our employees have a lot to live up to, but then they wouldn't be working for us if they didn't want to be the best. Our people take personal satisfaction not only in doing their job well, but also in working together to make Benfield even better.

All our work is carried out by trained technicians using state of the art equipment. We make it our business to know everything there is to know about the makes and models we sell and how to maintain them.

So you can expect real expertise, every time.

What can you do?

Have your vehicle serviced at the scheduled times, and get the belt changed at the correct intervals. Refer to your vehicle handbook or ask us for the recommended intervals for your specific vehicle.

The replacement should include tensioners, holders and studs as well as the belt itself, all of which will carry a guarantee. By following these recommendations, you'll ensure your engine continues to run efficiently and prolong its life.

Call us on 0845 143 3003 for further information, or why not just pop in to one of our dealerships.