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Vehicle Safety Check

Enjoy a free vehicle safety check

Enjoy a FREE vehicle safety check, to make an appointment call us on 0845 143 3003 or book online...

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Peace of mind is a wonderful thing – and so is our Benfield Vehicle Safety Check. It's a FREE visual multipoint check and report covering the key safety and legal compliance components on your vehicle. That includes the tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, lights, exhaust, battery, fluid levels and engine.

The report will prioritise any work required into:

  • Green, which means items OK on the day.
  • Amber, which means work is not immediately necessary but will require doing in the near future and before the next service.
  • Red, which means corrective action is required immediately either on the grounds of safety, legality or untimely cost.

We'll quote you a fully-inclusive price for any work required, and there's no obligation to have this work completed by us. Having said that, our prices are highly competitive and you could enjoy the benefits of our customer care programme.

For any amber work we'll contact you nearer the time that the work might need to be done and invite you to bring your vehicle in for an updated, free inspection.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

Vehicle Safety Checklist

How important are Vehicle Safety Checks?

As your vehicle ages it's important to regularly check key 'wear and tear' components on your vehicle between services, both for safety and to avoid untimely costs. Whether you're going on a long journey or for day-to-day commuting, it will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is always fit for the road.

  • Did you know?

    We carry out over 50,000 Vehicle Safety Checks every year, saving our customers thousands of pounds by spotting problems early before they lead to breakdowns or high costs.

What can you do?

Regular weekly checks on the following:

Oil, screen wash, coolant, brake fluid levels along with tyre pressures and condition, lights and windscreen wipers. If you don't have time – we will do the checks free of charge while you wait.

Why choose Benfield?

At Benfield our employees have a lot to live up to, but then they wouldn't be working for us if they didn't want to be the best. Our people take personal satisfaction not only in doing their job well, but also in working together to make Benfield even better.

All our work is carried out by trained technicians using state of the art equipment. We make it our business to know everything there is to know about the makes and models we sell and how to maintain them.

So you can expect real expertise, every time.

Enjoy a FREE vehicle safety check

Just call in or call your nearest branch and ask us for your free vehicle safety check, alternatively book online now.

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